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Cisco Nexus and Windows NPS

The Cisco Nexus radius setup is a little different then the IOS radius setup in NPS. Windows NPS Network Policy Add your Windows Group and NAS IPv4 Addresses Add your Authentication Methods Add these two Attribute Values: priv-lvl=15 shell:roles=*”network-admin vdc-admin” Cisco NEXUS Configuration radius-server retransmit 3 radius-server deadtime 5 radius-server host key RADIUS-KEY authentication… Read More »

APC UPS & NPS Configuration

Nothing more than anything is having to look up a password for a device and not using my central admin account for logging into a devices. Here is how to configure Windows NPS to authenticate APC UPC devices. NPS Network Policies: Create Policy name: Configure “Client IPv4 Address” and Windows Group. This will allow us… Read More »