APC UPS & NPS Configuration

By | October 19, 2018

Nothing more than anything is having to look up a password for a device and not using my central admin account for logging into a devices. Here is how to configure Windows NPS to authenticate APC UPC devices.

NPS Network Policies:

Create Policy name:

Configure “Client IPv4 Address” and Windows Group. This will allow us to match just the UPS and Windows Group that should be allowed to control the UPS.

Configure (PAP)

Select Add

Now you have a working Network Policy

Shared Secrets Template:
As you will have a bunch of UPS to add to NPS I would create a Shared Template for easy addition of devices.

Radius Client Add:

Create a new radius host and select Shared Secret template:

APC UPS Configuration:

Configure RADIUS Server IP and Secret that you created on the NPS server. I also noticed my password was too long to test the settings. I just Skip Test and Apply. You can always disable the host on the NPS server if you make a mistake or use the local account.

That is how you configure APC UPS to use NPS for centralized authentication.



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